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10 Reasons Why Beaver Builder Rocks

10 Reasons Why Beaver Builder Rocks

So, you're thinking of building a website and trying to figure out which platform to go with? SquareSpace, SmugMug, the free thingy included with your purchase plan, or WordPress. You've heard of all these platforms but think, I don't want to get stuck with a platform where I'll only be limited to certain "themes" and "templates". Well, worry no further, you absolutely can customize and this is the way how: with WordPress and Beaver Builder.

#1 Beaver Builder Runs on WordPress

In case you haven't heard, 74.6 million websites run on WordPress, that is staggering! It's free, it's open-source, and a ton of people use it. So use a platform that's going to be around for years and years to come with free updates. Also, Beaver Builder runs on WordPress pretty beautifully. A marriage of elegance of beauty if I may say so myself. I'll explain in the next 9 steps why Beaver Builder rocks even harder.

#2 You Can Build Any Custom Design

In the past, if you wanted to have a completely custom website design, it had to be hand coded in HTML/CSS/JavaScript which costed a ton of time and money. Now, we can custom design your website to look any way you want in PhotoShop and turn that into a beautiful mobile responsive website. Oh yeah, all in a day!

#3 There are a Ton of Built In Templates

If you ever need to create a custom landing page, sales page, contact page, squeeze page, do a/b testing, or need inspiration for creating further content without giving your web designer a call; you can do that! They are all pretty gorgeous as well! I've had people stand over my shoulder and go, "Wow! What a beautiful page!" and I'm like, "That's just the template silly!".

#4 Global Headers and Footers

If you want your website to get a little spicy it is SUPER EASY to put in global headers and footers. Just add a little code to your header.php file and footer.php file and BAM, you've got a rad custom website. I'll be writing a follow-up blog post on how to do this in more detail.

#5 Drag and Drop Web Design

You heard me write, gone are the days of drag and drop web design on your PowerBook G4 with iWeb... or so you thought. Now if you need to place two images side by side, just plop down a row with two columns. If you need to put the paragraph at the top of the page instead of the bottom, drag and drop homie. The world is your oyster and Beaver Builder is your... I am not good at these phrases.

#6 Secure and Up-to-Date

The developers over at Beaver Builder keep their plugin/theme secure and up-to-date quite frequently. Just when I feel like a feature is needed, I notice an update notification in WordPress and it's there, automagically (yes I know, I love that word). Also, they are extremely open to hearing user feedback and will implement said features in the future.

#7 Customer Support

There will definitely come a time and place when you'll need to ask for help, I know that happens for me at least a couple times a week (no shame!). So if you need help, they respond back super fast through their support ticket system, or better yet, hop onto the Slack channel and people are super readily available to off their advice. Where else can you get that kind of support?

#8 Mobile Responsive

This sort of goes without saying, because WordPress is mobile responsive, but Beaver Builder too conforms to iPhone, Android, and tablet screens flawlessly. It's just another feature that you don't have to worry about.

#9 Built in Google Fonts

Gone are the days where you were limited to Arial and Comic Sans (ugghhh). Now you can have the super groovy Lobster font and make your site look cooler than everyone else's! No seriously, there are HUNDREDS of fonts in there. Now I have the Google Fonts downloaded on my computer and design with said fonts in mind. Why not right?

#10 I use Beaver Builder to Build Websites in 1 Day with One Day Labs!

Like I said, it's so completely possible to build a website in 1 day, and that's what I do for a living! Seriously, beautiful websites can be had for super affordable prices and killer customer support. I feel so grateful and honored to be a part of this time, building Beaver Builder websites with One Day Labs!

Rock on amigos,

Kaiya Kramer

One Day Labs is a collaborative web design agency based out of Santa Rosa, California. We specialize in building affordable, high quality responsive websites in one day. We want to work with you! Let's talk and see if we'll work well together. 


Kaiya Kramer

Kaiya is a supremely talented design engineer at One Day Labs. She is the transgender host of The Queer Life radio show and also owns an extensive film camera collection.