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Back in Business


Dear friends and clients, past, present and future,

Nearly two years after the Tubbs Fire devastated Sonoma County and robbed of us our home, I am beyond thrilled to announce that One Day Labs is back in full swing.

It's hard to take a hit like we did: after we lost everything, our son was born with a heart defect. Raising a child with special needs while also trying to rebuild a home out of nothing impacted us in ways that we never expected. I knew I needed a break from work, but I never expected that it would take nearly two years to figure out that what I wanted and needed was right in front of me all along. Regular old Wizard of Oz story!

Onward and Upward

The new chapter of One Day Labs has some changes. We've paired down some of our services for the sake of streamlining and to focus on what we do best: building quality websites quickly and affordably.

I'm excited to be working on new projects with my husband and best friend, Cole, who is One Day Labs' lead developer. We've already got some exciting new projects in the works for new clients as well as old friends. We look forward to sharing them with you.

Thank you

Thanks to our friends, family, and clients for being so supportive and understanding as we have needed to take this time for ourselves.

To infinity and beyond!