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Collaborative Web Design Just Works

Why working side by side with clients is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

A truly great website is a reflection of a successful relationship between client and web team. We're huge proponents of collaborative web design here at One Day Labs, but the truth is you don't have to build a website in a day in order to achieve a solid foundation of give and take that results in a fantastic final product. Here are some ways to incorporate more collaboration into your workflow.

I get you, Bro.

You know what's one of the best things about working for yourself or running your own business? Choosing who you're going to work with. And that goes for both sides. No matter if you're on the designer end or the client end, it pays to be picky.

Here's how to establish a solid relationship early in the process and build a foundation for successful collaborative web design.

The Why

Don't just talk about WHAT needs to be done and HOW you're going to do it, get to the bottom of "The Why". If you're doing it right, there should be a source of passion to the project. Find that spark and follow it. Not only will this fuel the relationship, but also make for a clearer vision for the site's content.

The Pain

Figure out what problems you're trying to solve. If you have an open and candid conversation about what isn't working for the business in general, there may be ways you can fix it in the website.

The Expectations

Obviously collaboration means everyone has something to contribute, so establish very early on clear who is doing what and what promises are being made by whom. Most working relationships go bad when someone doesn't meet up to the other's expectations. Try to avoid this by being as clear and forthcoming as possible.

Happy Fun Time

If you play it right, collaborating can have a client leaving not just pleased with the end result of their website, but more confident with their business as a whole. What do I mean? Consider the following.


If you make it a point to focus on the content early in the process, it makes the content stronger and more organized. The more organized the content, the more well thought-out the vision for the website is, and by extension the business as a whole. If you work together on wireframing this out from the get-go, but have the client be responsible for the "meat", it's truly a recipe for success.

Immediate Gratification

Work side by side, virtually or otherwise. I know it's scary to think of someone looking over your shoulder, but seriously, try it. Not only will you not be pulled away by distractions and able to hyper-focus, but you'll be efficient as f***. You'll seriously be surprised the power of instant feedback and brainstorming.

Training Time

I can't tell you how important and empowering it is for a client to be shown how to manage their site. And I'm not just talking about sending a link to the login screen and documentation, but a true "This is how you add content to your page. Get it? Ok now you do it and I'll watch" sort of thing. Giving someone a new skill is a powerful thing.

The Future is Collaborative Web Design

Some people think that the future of web design lies in AI (Artificial Intelligence) and that web designers will all be out of jobs soon. I couldn't disagree more. Yes, some great technology is popping up all over the place, but the secret is in leveraging it to make people work better together. Collaborative web design is the key to building stronger websites now and into the future.

One Day Labs is a collaborative web design agency based out of Santa Rosa, California. We specialize in building affordable, high quality responsive websites in one day. We want to work with you! Let's talk and see if we'll work well together. 


Melissa Geissinger

Melissa is the Founder and CEO of One Day Labs. She's a proponent of efficiency through collaboration and passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners.