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New website for Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

The Project

Once in a while a really special project comes along that doesn't fit the "one day" mold. We make exceptions for awesomeness. Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk ( is one of those exceptions. It's a site for a documentary about the East Bay punk rock scene produced and directed by Corbett Redford, executive produced by Green Day and Pat Magnarella. was a collaborative effort between myself, Michael Houghton of Designed by Monkeys, and my husband Cole Geissinger who I bring in on special projects every now and then.

The Artwork

Michael provided much of the artwork you see on the site: from the hand drawn mosh pit crowds to the carefully constructed black tape backgrounds on all the page titles. It's not every day I get to work with a "real" artist, and Michael's work is incredible. It made my job really easy!

Another unique piece of the site that posed a technical challenge was that the site, being consistent with all the branding for the project, features handwritten text by Aaron Cometbus, an iconic figure in the East Bay punk scene.

It was an absolute requirement to use his handwritten text for all the main navigation and titles throughout the site. For a web developer, we normally prefer to use dynamic text whenever possible because a) it's easier to type things out and b) people and search engines like it more than images. Thankfully, with the help of icomoon we were able to make all our dreams come true by saving each title as an svg and the translating the collection into an icon set.

The Custom Programming

Thanks to Cole being a super hero when it comes to custom WordPress plugin creation, we were able to whip up a plugin to help the documentary's team add and manage the list of screenings. Utilizing the box model helped us format it to be nice and pretty and utilize more of Michael's hand-drawn design touches.

The Experience

Tip of the hat to Corbett Redford, the director / producer / miracle worker who was an absolute delight to work with on this project. Hearing so much positive feedback goes a long way and we're thrilled that the website can serve as an adequate home to the end result of what was years of blood, sweat and tears given to make this dream a reality.

Thanks everyone!