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Flexible Website Design & Development For Your Growing Business

One Day Labs is a collaborative web design agency. Our team of highly experienced professionals will work along side you to build and perfect a website that will exceed your expectations.

Imagine you didn't have to wait to have the website of your dreams.

Whether it's one of our dedicated build sessions or something a bit more specialized, our team runs like a well-oiled machine. We hate projects that drag on forever, so we make sure none of ours do.  


One Day

Perfect for small websites 10 pages or less. Go from zero to launch in less than 24 hours - you'll almost get an adrenaline rush!


More Days

Perfect for: Medium-sized websites or sites with some bells and whistles. We dedicate 2-5 days to your project.


Special Projects

Perfect for any project that doesn't quite fit the scope of a dedicated session. 


Web Design Has Never Been So Easy

We are all about balancing efficiency with quality.

Our priority is making the build process as easy for you as possible.

1. Prepare

Get your content ready.
We'll help.

1. Compose & Assemble

Use our tools to plan and deliver your content ahead of time and choose the building blocks that make up your unique website theme. No time limit. No credit card required.

2. Collaborate

Build your site with our team during a dedicated session.

2. Book Your Session

Once you're ready, pick a day to build your site! Within hours, your theme will come to life before your eyes. 

3. Launch

Go Live. Celebrate. 

3. Go Live

When your site is finished, lock in your hosting account with us. Monthly fees don't start until your site goes live. 


How & why does this work?

By using the right technology and pairing it with the right workflow, we're able to work extremely efficiently. Since we're a small team, we're able to give you the attention you deserve.

And since you're right there with us during construction, it makes the process go smoothly and quickly. 

We don't use templates.

Every website we build is custom.

Let's Build Your Dream, Together.

We're all about collaboration.

We Can Help Grow Your Business

Calling all designers, marketers, social media strategists and business coaches.

We are actively seeking dynamic partners to team up with on one day builds. Do you have clients that could benefit from fast and affordable website development? Let's figure out if we're a good match. We could be your tech team! 

Your Website May Be Hurting Your Credibility

By Melissa Geissinger | April 20, 2016

We’d all like to believe that the first impression isn’t everything – but what if it is? The truth is, whether we like it or not our brains are trained to form quick judgments. This probably stems from prehistoric instinct to judge whether a plant is edible or poisonous, or if an animal is dangerous…

Open House to celebrate our launch

By Melissa Geissinger | April 13, 2016

We’ve been so busy that we almost forgot to have a coming out party! Nothing huge, just a little mid-day open house so you can come hang out at your leisure and get the scoop on what we’re up to. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area, definitely come by! Friday, May 6th 10am –…

New company to offer affordable, one day website design to small businesses

By Melissa Geissinger | April 13, 2016

PRESS RELEASE SANTA ROSA, California, April 13, 2016 – Launched this January, One Day Labs offers an opportunity for business owners on a budget to hire a local agency to have a custom-built website that meets all of today’s technology standards – all with a single day turnaround. One Day Labs takes an innovative approach…

3 DIY Ways To Improve Your Photography Website

By Melissa Geissinger | March 22, 2016

Three things you can do to breathe some new life into your photography website before hiring a pro. Great photography websites are inspired by great photography.   We love working with photographers. I don’t want to say photography websites are easy to build, but I’ll say that when the primary focus of a site is on a…

A glowing review

By Melissa Geissinger | February 16, 2016

We recently did a build for David Rapelje, owner and operator at TNR Productions. Dave sent us the most beautiful testimonial in return! There’s nothing quite like getting a note like this to really make you feel like you’re doing something right. Visit the website One Day Labs is a collaborative web design agency based…

Build Completed for Sonoma County Year of the Entrepreneur

By Melissa Geissinger | January 27, 2016

Last week we teamed up with the County of Sonoma’s Economic Development Board to build a website for the Year of the Entrepreneur program. The program and the website were announced at this morning’s State of the County event. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the last several months on the planning committee for the county-wide…

Building a Startup is Hard Work

By Melissa Geissinger | December 17, 2015

I’ve done a lot, but nothing like this. As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve started a lot of things. I started my first web design company when I was a sophomore in college. I started my second web design company 9 years ago that I’m now retiring in order to put everything into One Day Labs.…

Obligatory Hello World Post

By Melissa Geissinger | December 12, 2015

Hey everybody! It’s December 12th, 2015 and we just spent today building the One Day Labs website from scratch! I’m still working on the content, but we got the site totally finished and I’m SUPER stoked that we’re live. It’s been a long time coming and I’m looking forward to announcing a lot more exciting…