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This is One Day Labs

What We Do

One Day Labs builds websites in as little as one day through a streamlined and collaborative project workflow.

Who We Are

We're a mission-driven web design agency with a twist. We are pioneers of one-day collaborative web design, excited to work with business owners who are passionate about investing more than money in their project.

Why We Do It

We strive to inspire confidence through technology and collaboration.


The Trifecta of Awesome

It’s such a core part of our business that we made it a part of our brand. We’re fooled into believing that web design service providers can only tic two out of the three boxes of either good, fast or cheap. We call this the ‘Paradox of the Trifecta of Awesome.’ One Day Labs accomplishes all three.

Brief History

After many years building websites for clients and raising my rates as any good freelancer should, I was frustrated turning people away that I wanted to work with.

The solution: one day build sessions. Get what you need up front, dedicate an entire day to a project, deliver high quality at an affordable price without sacrificing your rate.

The idea was so good I built an entire business around it. Now, I've got a solid team and we're going strong.


Founder & CEO, Melissa Geissinger

I've been building websites for twenty years. I'm the author of the book, 1 Day Web Designer: How To Be A More Productive Freelancer.

In 2011 I co-founded a community of web and digital media industry professionals called WIMP and organized a charity hackathon called WIMPgives which brought teams of volunteers together to build websites for nonprofits. The program ran for three years and was responsible for donating $200,000 worth of services to Sonoma County nonprofits.

Meet the Team


Melissa Geissinger

Founder & CEO
Wearer of many hats and expert micro-manager.

Cole Geissinger

Lead Developer
Master manipulator of PHP and WordPress monkey.

It's easy to get started.

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