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The New Modular Website Builder


We're really proud to announce the launch of our new modular website builder! It's an automated service, which means we utilize technology to act as the project manager and utilize some pre-fabricated parts to customize your theme.

What is a modular website?

Instead of starting from scratch every single time we build a site, we've simplified the process by pre-building some templates for website headers, footers and mobile layouts.

Since these are already built it means they've already been tested and styled and all they need is some custom touches to make it yours.

Here are a couple examples of layout variations for the header.


It saves time and money!

Since we're starting with pre-built pieces that have already been vetted, it saves a ton of time on browser testing and custom design. How much time exactly? It cuts build time in half! 

We also boost efficiency in other areas, too.

  • We host on one consistent hosting company to eliminate the guess work in using new technologies. This saves time with setup AND launch.
  • We use WordPress which is the most reliable open source platform.
  • We have a page builder system that makes pages quick and easy to create and modify later on too.

By doing all this, we're able to keep costs under $1,000 for what would normally be at least $3,000 - $5,000!

Take it for a spin for free

Get started with the prep and planning process using our tools for free. Just register for an account and get going!

Update: We unfortunately had to abandon this modular model for personal reasons. We're still doing one day website builds but sticking to custom jobs. 


Melissa Geissinger

Melissa is the Founder and CEO of One Day Labs. She's a proponent of efficiency through collaboration and passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners.