The Experience

We work with you, not for you

We believe that working together yields the best all-around results. Simply put, the more prepared we are going into the build, the more efficient we can be. When we have everything we need with limited guesswork, the process takes less time and money without sacrificing quality. And it's fun, too!

Working with One Day Labs is an exhilarating and enriching experience, not a long and grueling process.

We take a content-first approach to building websites, which means we do not cram your content into a pre-designed theme. We think about your overall goals and guide you to structure your content around that, building in the process a site that you will truly be proud of.


Working with One Day Labs is an exhilarating and enriching experience, not a long and grueling process.

  • Book Your Session

    Once we talk and decide your project is a good fit for our team, you'll pay a deposit and we'll set a date for our collaborative build session. You'll be given a prep guide to help you with the next step! 

  • Get Ready

    Get all your written content, imagery and materials ready before your session begins. Work with our team using cloud technology to make sure everything is ready to go. 

  • Build Session

    We'll put together a timeline for your build session based on your unique set of content and goals. During this time, you'll give immediate feedback, answer questions and make corrections in real-time.

Keys to Success

Prep & The Communication

Your project manager will send you a detailed prep guide and help you through the process. They'll answer any questions you have along the way. You will receive clear instructions on what content and materials we'll need and a private shared project folder will be set up.

We'll also set up a private chat room where all project-related communication will take place instantly.

The Timeline

On the day of your session, you'll receive a timeline for the entire length of the session based on your project's unique requirements. Your design engineer's job is to stick to the timeline to make sure your site is finished by the end of the session and build you the best site possible.

The typical one day session lasts 8 to 10 hours. 

Documentation & Training

At the end of the session, you will have access to a collection of documentation unique to your website's platform and configuration. We may even create written or video tutorials for you since not every website is alike. 

We'll always take the time to walk you through how to use and update your website. 

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